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Astrology is an ancient mathematical science, craft and art, which provides the individual with useful information about himself, his life and his relationships.  This mystical science is very rich in symbolism; the sun, moon and other planets all represent different types of energies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  It has been said that “The heavens mirror the earth”, and in astrology by being aware of the planetary activities,the astrologer knows the past, understands the present and can predict the future.  The tool of the astrologer is a horoscope, which is a chart of the heavens at a specific time, date and place.  A natal horoscope is a chart, which is based upon an individual's birth time.  So what is the significance of a natal horoscope?  Amongst most astrologers, it is believed that the horoscope represents the soul’s plan for this particular incarnation, his life lessons.  In ancient times, when there was a royal birth, it was commonplace to consult with an astrologer in order to foretell the child’s temperament, talents and his future life experiences, incarnation and his lessons.


The goal of my Natal and Compatibility reading is to bridge the gap between the individual’s higher and lower self.  This is accomplished by giving the client a new vision of himself, and by offering a different perspective on his life experiences.

My reading is substantive, eye-opening and “down to earth”; primarily geared for the individual who is serious about his spiritual journey.

C. Sandy

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